Auto Body and Collision Technician


When you see that slick restored classic car cruising down the road, there is a good chance an Auto Body and Collision Technician recreated that work of beauty. You do have to be very lucky to score a job like that, but there is no shortage of cars out there that need some loving care.

As an Auto Body and Collision Technician, you work on all kinds of cars and trucks because no one is immune to damaging their vehicle. You’ll repair and restore damaged body parts and interior finishing, repaint automotive body surfaces, and repair or replace automotive glass. Once your repairs are done, you’ll inspect the vehicle for dimensional accuracy and may even need to test-drive it to ensure proper alignment and handling.

Program details


  • How to analyze and diagnose structural damage
  • How to review damage reports and estimates
  • How to hammer out dents, buckles and other defects
  • How to replace doors and body components
  • How to file, grind and sand repaired body surfaces
  • How to fix interior seats, carpets and floorboards
  • How to inspect and test-drive vehicles for proper alignment and handling


As an Auto Body and Collision Technician, you can work for automobile dealerships, automobile body repair shops and automobile appraisal centres. You can also work directly for car manufacturers or maybe even start your own business one day.

Types of Workplaces

  • Independent Automotive Repair Shops
  • Automotive Dealership Repair Shops
  • Automotive Manufacturing Factories


Roughly from the time it’s taken you to read up to this portion of the page, a motor vehicle accident has happened somewhere in the world. Working as an Auto Body and Collision Technician, you will need to know what needs to be fixed and how to do it. You’ll be paired with an experienced Technician who knows how to repair, replace, and adjust sheet metal as well as also being on top of current automotive trends given that new models and alloys are constantly being introduced.

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Fixers are


Critical Skills

  • Occupational skills and safety
  • Understanding oxyacetylene procedures
  • Welding and sheet metal repair
  • Plastics and composites
  • Surface preparation and refinishing
  • Auto Body construction and components
  • Mechanical components
  • Structural repair, suspension and steering
  • Insurance estimating


$35K - $70K annually
$17.00 - $40.00 hourly


  • 40
  • hours per week
    potentially evenings or weekends

A day in the life of a trade apprentice

A Fixer's Story

Kurtis Gordey, 17

Motor Vehicle Body Repairer

Armstrong, BC

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