The Fixer

Because Broken is not an option


  • Analytical
  • Dexterous
  • Mechanical
  • Resourceful
  • Systematic

You’re the kind of person who likes to understand what makes things tick. You love taking stuff apart, swapping in new parts and putting it all back together—whether it’s a toaster, a car or a computer. When something stops working, your instinct is to fix it instead of throwing it away. You’re like a doctor, running tests and taking stock of the symptoms to diagnose the problem and find a cure.

Sounds like you?

Consider one of these trades

Aircraft Maintenance Technician

Flying machines are your specialty. You’re an ace at interpreting technical drawings and blueprints, removing defective parts and installing replacements, and testing and troubleshooting aircraft systems.

Automotive Service Technician

You spend most days with your head under the hood, using computerized equipment and your wits to test, adjust and repair the interconnected parts and systems that make cars and trucks go.

Industrial Mechanic (Millwright)

Install, repair and maintain all kinds of machines in all kinds of places—from ski hills to mines and everywhere in between. Equal parts electrician, machinist, mechanic and plumber, you’re a true jack of all trades.

“Sometimes it’s a tough job, but there’s a sense of accomplishment and a confidence in your abilities.”

Millwright Apprentice
Danica Lum, 18 years old, Vancouver BC

Get a head start

SkilledTradesBC Youth Trade Programs let you get started in a trade while you’re still in high school. That means you could be working in your field, learning from experts and earning a paycheque — all before you graduate.