The Builder

Raise the roof on your career


  • Athletic
  • Collaborative
  • Mathematical
  • Precise
  • Tactile

You’re the kind of person who can see the big picture, but digs the details. You’re equally comfortable manoeuvring big, heavy objects and calculating measurements down to the millimetre. Pushing paper at a desk behind the scenes holds little appeal to you. You’d rather be on a shop floor transforming raw materials into something useful, or on a job site working alongside other tradespeople to bring a project to life.

Sounds like you?

Consider one of these trades


Work on the factory floor shaping steel and creating steel parts or in the field building, demolishing, repairing and maintaining steel structures, including buildings, towers, cranes and bridges.

Construction Electrician

Install and repair highly sensitive electrical and electronic systems in hard-to-reach places to keep the lights on, the fridge running and the music pumping in buildings of all shapes and sizes.

Sheet Metal Worker

Use computerized lasers and sophisticated welding and soldering equipment to cut, bend and shape this lightweight material into heating vents, building siding and more.

“It's an awesome feeling, where your creativity and skill sets are your only limitations to getting the job done. ”

Sheet Metal Worker
Kevin de Oliviera, 20,

Get a head start

SkilledTradesBC Youth Trade Programs let you get started in a trade while you’re still in high school. That means you could be working in your field, learning from experts and earning a paycheque — all before you graduate.