Youth Work in Trades Award

Students who have sustained exceptional work as an apprentice may be eligible for a $1000 Youth Work in Trades Award. See criteria below and learn more about the Youth Work in Trades Award here.

To be eligible for a Youth Work in Trades Award, students must have:

  1. Been registered with the Industry Training Authority as a youth apprentice
  2. Graduated with a Grade 12 Dogwood Diploma or Adult Dogwood
  3. Successfully completed SSA 11A, SSA 11B, SSA 12A, and SSA 12B
  4. Maintained a C+ average or better on Grade 12 numbered courses
  5. Reported a total of at least 900 hours to the ITA by December 31 of the school year the student turns 19

For more information, please contact:
Tony Arthurs Phone | (250) 213-7540|